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How To Utilize The Seasons

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Written by Toni Lynn

🍃🧡🍃 Did you know that the seasons are meant to be used as a tool to teach us and prepare us for the natural changes and evolution of earth and life?

If we would take the time to examine and follow the cycles of nature, she would teach us how to naturally flow with the cycles and phases that occur in our own lives because we all do experience our own personal seasons.

✨All things are connected✨


Here are some key phrases to help you quickly identify how to work with nature and her flow as well as your own natural flow.


a time for rebirth

  • Renewal; reinvent yourself

  • A fresh start; new beginnings

  • Purposeful changes for growth

  • Give birth to dreams & ideas

  • Awakening (WAKE UP)

  • Come to life; resurrect

  • Fresh excitable energy

  • Try new things

  • New hope & New life

  • Expect new visions ideas & inspiration

  • Fresh perspectives

  • Decide what new projects to bring to life

  • Sow or plant new seeds in the Universe

  • Preparing make a fresh appearance or debut in the Summer

  • Get clear on what you want to manifest & Harvest in the Fall


a time of creation & celebration

  • Shadows and darkness dissolves

  • A Time to celebrate and have fun

  • A time to shine & show out

  • Public recognition

  • Express yourself

  • Be outgoing & Get active

  • Playful, joyful & youthful energy .. enjoy it

  • Feeling attractive & feisty

  • Full of vitality

  • Invigorating & energizing energy

  • Sheds light on darkness or secrets

  • Revelations come about showing us things that may have missed before

  • A time to be open

  • Nurture your creativity

  • Get heart centered


a time reap what you sow

  • Be inspired to take action

  • Go with the flow

  • Allow change to happen

  • Do everything with purpose

  • No time to waste

  • Get things completed before Winter

  • Use discernment during this time

  • Take inventory of your life & release unnecessary people, places & things

  • Make room for new harvest

  • Hard work begins to pay off

  • Blessings begin to come through.. Itemize them

  • Practice Gratitude (thanksgiving)

  • Shift your consciousness from lack to prosperity & gratitude


a time for endings

  • Hermit season

  • Reclusiveness

  • The need for isolation

  • A time to go within

  • Introversion

  • Quieting your mind

  • Low energy

  • Rest to replenish your energy

  • Get still

  • Clarification; a time to get clear

  • A time to reflect ; journal

  • Release with the purpose of purifying

  • Sadness during this time is normal

  • Detox

  • Let go with purpose

  • Acceptance & Surrender

  • Tap into your intuition

  • A time for healing

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