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Tips To Help Move Through Debilitating FEARS & ANXIETY

Tips to Help Move Through Debilitating FEARS & ANXIETY


Have you been dealing with an insane amount of anxiety and fear this year because you just don’t know when the next “shoe” is gonna drop or when or if your next Tower Moment will happen? If so you are not alone.

These past 2 years have been enough to drive anyone insane but I would like to share a few tips to help you make it through this tunnel of darkness. First, let’s quickly go through what been happening because apparently, it’s all been a part of the Universal plan of 2021 .. according to numerology anyway.

This Universal plan of 2021 was meant to teach us to not only trust the process and go with the natural flow of our own lives and bodies, but it was also meant to teach us to trust and lean on ourselves and our own capabilities more often.

2021 amounts to a 5 Universal year and the 5 represents unforeseen changes as well as the unknown. So, unfortunately, there was and is no way that any of us could escape this energy.

No one is exempt.

This year was meant to, once again, build up our intuition and instincts, build our confidence, evolve us and teach us about Compassion. We have all, as a Collective, been walking in this dark forest without any clue as to what’s gonna show up next in our paths. For some, or maybe even most, it seems to be creating a lot of paranoia .. which i totally understand. I want you to know that it’s okay. You are not going crazy and your feelings are fully justified, especially with it being Scorpio Season. It’s like we’re walking through a never ending haunted house where you don't know what's gonna jump out but you’re anticipating something to jump out.

We are in The Unknown and it’s a normal part of the evolution process. Even as Spiritual workers we are being told to stop asking or trying to figure things out and just move.

So if you have been feeling an unusual amount of anxiety because you can’t fully see what's to come next, please know that you are not alone. This has been happening GLOBALLY.



  • Slow down & pace yourself

  • Stay calm & centered

  • Ground yourself

  • Activate all of your senses and feel your way through. Let your body guide you

  • Trust and have faith that you will be ok. You’ve gotten through dark mom many times before

  • Indulge in things that you are passionate about and make you feel amazing. These would be healthy distractions

  • Take breaks, rest and disconnect often from heavy external influences

  • Find or create time for fun

  • Find Moments to laugh and do it as often as possible,

  • Daydream about what you want to see in your world once those lights come back on

  • And last .. have compassion for yourself and others, because we are all on this journey into the unknown and trust me … it’s dark for us all. We just all have different coping skills for handling our darkness. Trust & faith are 2 coping skills that I choose to practice OFTEN.

So please dont beat yourself up durging this time. Give yourself grace and be kind to yourself and others. Take your time and listen to yourself and your body. It’s ok to be afraid. But unfortunately, we DO have to keep moving through the fear. We all are pretty much training in the dark and there’s no way around it. There are no shortcuts. All shortcuts are traps that lead to a dead end or wasted time.

The quicker that you decide to push those fears to the side, strap up those boots and do what you intuitively FEEL and instinctively KNOW that you should be doing .. the faster things will move along. If not, at least your courage and confidence will begin to soar, making it easier to handle it all.

You can do it. You are stronger than you know. And YOU ARE SAFE & PROTECTED. Please know this.

I wish you all Peace and Understanding on your Journey family. 💜

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