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Jupiter Goes Direct in Aquarius

Updated: Aug 21, 2022


(There will also be a breakdown, at the end, on what Aquarius represents in all of the houses so be sure to get your natal charts out.)


Retrograde season is finally beginning to wrap up and come to a close. Jupiter first went retrograde in Aquarius on 6/20/21 and has just finally gone direct 10/18/21 along with Pluto and Saturn which have already gone direct earlier in this month. We still have a few more planets left to go direct at the end of this year and the beginning of 2022. I don’t know about you all but I am truly excited to be able to finally get some relief. These energies have been pretty intense for me, especially with the bulk of it occurring in my first house. If you know , you know. 😬

These retrogrades have pretty much brought on strong feelings of urgency inside of most of us so that we could begin to rapidly transform and evolve, as a Collective, into our most Authentic Divine Selves. To trigger us into rebellion so that we can finally break completely free from other people's fears, shadows, perceptions and ideas that have been placed on us and so that we could clearly begin to see and recognize our Divine purpose and then get going of after it.

Let’s discuss some of the themes, blessings and lessons Jupiter left behind for us during it's time spent moonwalking through the cosmos.

Jupiter retrograding, along with all of the other planets, oddly enough, was meant to speed up evolution by bringing us extra Inspiration, triggering Curiosity in us, giving us a feeling of Urgency to take action, and agitating situations to build more confidence in ourselves. I say “oddly” because retrogrades usually represents slow down periods in different areas of our lives but in this case, although our physical bodies may have been slowed down, our subconscious has still been operating at 100mph. There was and continues to be, lots of triggering going on with these retrogrades that are kicking up all kinds of anxiety, old fears and insecurities, but as I said, there are still so many more planets at play that could have VERY easily kicked up these triggers.

Jupiter is the planet that you would want to turn to for answers on what you could do to achieve and experience a happy and prosperous life. Jupiter is also the planet that we would usually expect to turn to planet to help find relief from some of the heavier and darker energies that we are experiencing right now. Unfortunately for us, there’s not really much that can Jupiter do when he has other intense planets (Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Chiron, Uranus and even Mercury) all activated and laying claim to this evolution and elevation process as well. The only thing left for Jupiter to do is pretty much sit back and allow us all to get our homework assignments done and then after Saturn & Pluto gives the okay .. he could start handing out well earned rewards and reprieve.


The Dance of Jupiter & Saturn

Jupiter is one of the wise ones, Saturn would be the other wise one. They both supply very rewarding results but for different reason. Jupiter wants you to learn and become wise through an abundance of joyful experiences and then turn and share and teach others how to do the same. Jupiter wants us to spread the good news about life, so it continues to give us good news to broadcast. That’s where the blessings of Jupiter come in. Thats where the rose colored glasses and optimism come in. Jupiter will protect you for daring to focus on the light.

Saturn wants to open your eyes to what’s really going on in the physical realm. She knows the dangers that are out there and wants to help strengthen you and make you wise so that you know how to protect and care for YOURSELF. She wants you to learn how to survive the darker sides of the world and you don’t learn how to survive and protect yourself without experiencing some heavy ish in life. Saturn wants to give you longevity and maturity.

They both bring balance together but think of how much more rewarding those blessings will feel coming from Jupiter after you’ve been forced to grow up and deal the harsh realities of life. It’s the reason why we have the saying “work hard but play harder.” They’re both needed.

Both planets want to bless us with wisdom and they both want us to experience all that we deserve to experience in life. Together they cover both sides of the coin. Jupiter wants to help us get it while Saturn wants to help us maintain it or keep it.


I mentioned earlier that these planets were triggering curiosity and urgency within us all and here is why:

  • By Allowing our curiosity to lead us, new and exciting paths, opportunities and possibilities were supposed to be opened up to us. These are opportunities that , in the past, we may have missed out on because as adults, we rarely follow our curiosity so we often miss out on a lot.

  • By us building the confidence in ourselves to follow our curiosity and excitement into our dreams was also meant to inspire others to trust their OWN curiosity & have the confidence in themselves to do the same. It was meant to pretty much create a domino effect.

  • The Urgency around taking action was meant to get us to release procrastination & stop waiting, out of fear of change, for the right time and signs to make moves. We’ve been missing out on so many blessings that we’ve been asking for because we really don’t believe that it will really happen, so we end up frozen in time doing nothing. We take no risks to help get us closer to what we want

  • So the Urgency is Spirit asking us to just do SOMETHING and allow the puzzle pieces to fall into place as you go. Stop trying to figure it all out because you will not be able to. Just take action

The message here my loves is to keep pushing past the need to overthink and start doing, thinking, being, sharing, and insisting on a new reality for yourself.

Start sharing all that you know and have experienced so that you may help another person.


That’s it for the breakdown on Jupiter’s Dance. Now let’s get into why most of you are here. I’m sure that you are wanting to know how this energy could personally serve you as well as what YOU personally need to DO to get it to serve you. Basically how to activate those well earned blessings of Jupiter. Let’s get into it.


Two of the main blessings and rewards that we are gaining, as a Collective, for following through with Jupiter’s advice and being courageous enough to do the work to evolve is :

Internal peace and joy for standing up for yourself, believing in yourself, being yourself and living for YOURSELF.

Jupiter is wanting to expand what makes you Unique and then reward you for allowing that expansion to happen or for having the courage to build upon your Unique qualities. So whatever house you have Aquarius ruling OR whatever house Jupiter is currently transiting for you in your natal birth chart, is where you are meant to break out .. break loose and go hard for yourself and your Individuality.

Wherever you have Aquarius and even Uranus in your Natal Chart, you can find your own personal Genius. If you choose to utilize your Genius, Jupiter will bless you for doing so because in doing this you are also helping to evolve the World. Jupiter also asks that we all stop dreaming so small. Your genius needs to touch as many people as possible. So start dreaming and thinking BIGGER.

Genius means to me that you have the power to think, be , do and share things that no one else is able to do .. at least not like you. Everyone has this genius energy laying dormant inside of them waiting to be activated. Check out the houses below to find yours and unlock your rewards.


Jupiter in Aquarius Transiting The Houses

Jupiter transiting your 1st house -

(Aquarius in the 1st house or Aquarius Ascendant)

Your genius comes from breaking free and being unapologetically you in every way. Your whole identity is changing and you are becoming a force to reckon with. You yourself are the epitome of genius so don’t you dare look to anyone else for understanding, confirmation or approval of who you are to become. The you that you are becoming hasn’t even been invented yet. So don't expect anyone to understand and don’t expect to find a prototype to follow. You are the prototype & the blueprint for the New World. Please know that Spirit is cheering you on and supporting you all the way. Your blessings will literally be out of this world.

And it may feel lonely but understand that you are never alone. Your support comes straight from Source. So rock out and live your life out loud, confidently without any insecurities. You were made different and beautifully "weird" on purpose. OWN IT!! The more that you decide to own it .. the more you will be rewarded and the more that your purpose and mission will be unveiled to you.

Jupiter transiting your 2nd house -

(Aquarius in the 2nd house)

You my love are here to practice radical self love. You are learning how dope, valuable and needed your talents and abilities are in this World. You have some genius gifts that can help attract lots of abundance for you. 🤑

Never allow anyone to ridicule, talk down about or down play anything that you do. You have some very Genius abilities that come very natural to you. Not everyone can do what you do. Remember that just because it come easy to you does not mean that it comes easy for others. And please believe that others can see this, whether they mention it or not. “They” know the abundance that’s gonna come to you if you decide to drop all insecurities, let loose and showcase those talents that come to you so naturally! Stop letting people block your blessings. It’s time to show off.

And PLEASE get that business going and start charging what you KNOW you are truly worth and then be sure to add tax to THAT!! Because what you have to offer the World is Revolutionary and people WILL pay for it! If not ...they don't get to experience it. Simple as that. We need you.

Jupiter transiting your 3rd house -

(Aquarius in the 3rd house)

What a brilliant mind you have!! I would love to pick your brain. Lol Your ideas are so genius and out of this world. It’s time for you to share them, Honey. Like NOW! Never ... EVER ... allow anyone to make you feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about just because they may not understand your genius POV. Your advice is golden and the knowledge and wisdom that you possess has the power to inspire and help a lot of people. Never feel the need to prove yourself, overexplain yourself or try to make others understand, they will not. You don't need anyone to validate your knowledge. You are already a master at what you know, don't second guess it. Those who are meant to get it will naturally gravitate to your knowledge, information and ideas. Just get that platform poppin. If you have one already then, it’s time to elevate it. Get bolder with it.

EVERYTHING that you share from here on out should come from YOU and what you’re inspired to say from Spirit. NOT what you think others may want you to say. Speak YOUR truth because your ideas will help to evolve this World faster. The more bold and unapologetically honest that you are with what you share ... the easier it will be for your tribe and community to find you.

Jupiter transiting your 4th house -

(Aquarius in the 4th house)

You my Love, although I'm sure that this may have felt like the loneliest ride, please know that you were vetted for this before you decided to incarnate. Yes, this ride you have personally chosen for yourself because you knew that you were the only one to handle it. You ARE meant to be the saving grace for your family which means that you had to be wired differently and had to experience life differently. You have always been strong enough to handle it.

You are finding your own personal center of strength and support while learning that it has nothing to with the traditions of your family’s values. You are literally breaking generational curses and healing your family’s legacy by choosing to stand up or walk away from what you feel deeply is not right. You will make others in your lineage question their own ways eventually.

You are the Genius and trailblazer in your lineage. You are what your ancestors have been waiting for and praying for. Keep going against the grain, if you choose to. If your family doesn't understand... don’t worry about it. One day they will thank you. You are making your Ancestors proud and setting them free at the same damn time. They are backing you and loving on you from the other side. Live your life as freely as you choose to without any guilt or shame. There's no need for it. You have a mission to accomplish, and your full journey has been a part of it.

Oh, and one more thing ... you WILL find your tribe and from them is where you will find the genuine love, support and understanding that you have been searching for. They will become your home.

Jupiter transiting your 5th house -

(Aquarius in the 5th house)

Shine your light baby because you have some Highly Genius Creative abilities about you that need to be showcased!! Like right NOW!! You actually have the ability to channel creative and innovative art straight from the future. I hope that you are doing something with it because it has the ability to make you highly sought after and popular. People would literally be in Awe of your work. Don't worry about those who don't understand it. As I mentioned with some of the other houses, those who are MEANT to get it, will and they will respect it for the Genius work that it is.

Follow your enthusiasm and excitement always, in all areas of your life. If it lights you up ... go for it. If the excitement fizzles out ... move on. It's ok. Aquarius energy is very quick and fleeting. You have to catch it and utilize it when it comes. All you pretty much need to do is enjoy your life to the fullest and not allow anyone to suck you out of your spotlight with all of their darkness, doom, gloom and negativity. You are the Fire on our torches. Your zest and courage for life is infectious and genius. As you choose to live full out ... you inspire us to do the same. So, dress as fly as you want to, sing your song as loud as you want, laugh and love as loud as you want, create whatever you want, have fun, play & dance as hard as you want. Just enjoy life and Jupiter will find more ways to make your heart sing. Possibly fame may even come ... who knows.

Jupiter transiting your 6th house -

(Aquarius in the 6th house)

You have a very Unique way of processing information and coming up with Genius solutions on how to find mental peace and mental balance in yourself and others. You are literally channeling some pretty dope and revolutionary ideas on how to heal our minds and help us to cope and bring some order to all of the chaos, pain and even mental anguish that people are experiencing in the World right now. We need you to share those ideas.

You have a special way of knowing what puzzle pieces are out of order in our lives and are creating imbalance, fears, paranoia, anxiety and all other mental disturbances inside of us. You also have a special way of knowing how all of these things affect our physical bodies. Because you magically know these things; you also know what it will take to soothe these afflictions and bring about healing in others.

You my love, are a part of our leading edge wholistic healers. Please don’t hold back what you know and see. Yes, your viewpoints are different, but they are also revolutionary and innovative. It's ok to test out your theories but don’t over think it and be careful about who you ask for feedback. Be sure they are trustworthy and have your best interest at heart.

Most importantly ... believe in YOURSELF. You almost have like an inventor's mind, and we all know how people like to side eye an inventor when they don't have it in them to understand. Don't let other people's judgements and thoughts of you, deter you from your mission. Your mission is a powerful one. It’s revolutionary. Continue to push the envelope with your methods. Even try dusting off and updating some of those old remedies and ideas and put those out there too. It’s time to find a way to put them out there for others to find them and heal. And I shouldn't have to explain the rewards that could come with being fearless enough to showcase your inventions and methods of healing. Cha-ching!

Jupiter transiting your 7th house -

(Aquarius in the 7th House)

You have a very unique way of relating to multiple types of people that if shared or taught could help bring peace & balance to other people's relationships. You have a very cool mission of challenging and revolutionizing the rules around how we coexist with others, which is so very much needed in this World today. We’re currently existing in a time where we don’t know how to agree to disagree and respect each other’s differences of opinions and unique abilities. But you are capable of assisting in changing that.

You are here to show us why it’s important to keep our own identities when relating to others. We all should bring something different to the table to offer to our relationships anyway, so that is your lesson from Jupiter. Be sure to always speak your mind when connecting with others. Be confident, make your own decisions and believe in them always. Others will respect you more for it. Don't allow yourself to get lost in your relationships, you have a lot to offer and great leadership qualities. It’s okay to keep your own identity and not allow anyone make you feel crazy for choosing to not want to have traditional partnerships, especially when you have a lot to offer to many people. You’re a trailblazer of peace & harmony and even possibly a bridge for humanity.

Jupiter transiting your 8th house -

(Aquarius in the 8th house)

You have learned, through experience, very powerful ways to successfully defeat darkness and then free yourself from toxic bonds, fears, karmic attachments, karmic debt. You've also learned how to free yourself from power struggles with people who want what you have and have been pulling on you while draining your powers. You have an uncanny way of knowing when someone else is stuck in their own personal darkness and crisis and you know just what it will take to get them unstuck. You are very masterful at this. Our own personal SUPERHERO!! What can be more genius than that??

Humanity could use some of those ideas to help them survive darkness and regain their own power. There are many ways that this could be done. For one, finding ways to share your own stories could be a way to help people in a massive way. Who wouldn't want to know about your "GREAT ESCAPE"? Creating a platform to compile all of your masterful tricks to share, would help tremendously. You could even become a personal guide for others in whatever way you feel most comfortable but please just share ... and plan to do it in a major way!

You are so connected to a Higher Power, and they literally give you the cheat codes and flashes of insight to help you to detach and escape from personal hells, but those powers aren't just for you. Humanity needs it right now more than ever. You’ve figured out the rhyme and reason for it all and now it’s time to come out of hiding and show others how they can get it done for themselves. Then show them how to turn it all into a power source or source of inspiration to draw upon whenever needed, the same way that you have for yourself.

I also want you to know that you no longer have to allow yourself to be drained and plagued by the fears that us dear mortals have. You are a master at slaying demons. You've been to "hell" and back therefore your fear of allowing others to attach to you is very valid. You understand how deep those the karmic cords go and what demons can be attached to those cords. You understand that it takes lifetimes of work to untangle yourself from those cords. Why would you want to experience that again?

Don’t be afraid of your independence or being alone. That time to yourself will become your salvation. It is where you will always find your own peace as well as keep yourself tapped into Source, so that you will always be able to clearly see and hear those escape plans coming through.

Your motto is “the only thing to fear is fear itself”

You are literally the Phoenix rebirthed and flying away shaking off the memories of the past that used to haunt you.

So please teach us your ways Sensei. How did you escape death? The rewards that will come through for you may be pretty hefty. As I said ... you have the cheat code and people would surely want to invest in that.

Jupiter transiting your 9th house -

(Aquarius in the 9th house)

You, my Loves, are our true visionaries with genius visions that could help evolve Humanity. It's time for you to show it off because you are meant to change so many live with your visions. You are meant to pick up the mission where the 8th house left off. In the 8th house we were pulled out of "The Legion of Doom" but now that we are out of that cave, we are looking at you to show us where to go next because you have been given visions of the North Star. You know which direction we are meant to go. You know how to lead us further away from storms and crisis and move us closer to a more purposeful destination or salvation or safety. You are meant to help give us hope, inspiration and be a beacon of life and light for what our lives could now become. So now it is time for you to embrace and take pride in those futuristic visions of yours, and then find ways to broadcast them. (Send up that "Bat Man Symbol")

Most of the time You are literally channeling or pulling in hella information and knowledge from the future but what are you going to do with it? You are the truth seeker and the truth finder. You cannot let all of your discoveries go to waste. As I said, you are the person that we are meant to go to for hope and inspiration.

We’ve seen you go through hell and come back out of it stronger than ever. We also see you enjoying life and experiencing true joy with childlike wonder, and we want to know how you do it and WHY do you do it, especially after all you have experienced in life. If this isn't you, then it’s time to push those fears aside and start becoming that living example for everyone. Start showing us what we have to look forward to if we just begin to believe in the power of our own unique abilities and the power of surrendering, letting go and starting over. Freedom & peace comes when you allow all of your fears of the past to burn away and decide to jump back out there and live life to the fullest. Do it big and bold and in your own Unique way that is pleasing to your own Soul. And not only will you gain true satisfaction, which is more rewarding than anything, but you will become inspiration for us all ... just by choosing to live out loud and to lead the way. You are meant to be on the front line leading us into the new world. Let’s go babe.

Stand firm in your beliefs, believe in your visions and don't allow anyone to convince you that you aren't being realistic. You do not exist in this reality ... and thank God for that. If we're going to get somewhere different, then we must envision and try something different. You are the epitome of "be in this world ,but not of this world" You are the in between. You know where we are but also where we have the potential to go.

BTW ... this is the home of Jupiter, so you KNOW that ya boy is gonna rain down on you in every way to make all of your dreams possible, if you choose to heed the call.

Jupiter transiting your 10th house -

(Aquarius in the 10th house or Aquarius Midheaven)

So, you, Honey, are meant to wake and shake this World up out of its delusional slumber and change the status Quo of our physical reality while also changing the old decrepit rules and regulations that we continue to blindly follow in our societies. Sheesh what a powerful mission but trust me ... you were built for it.

Your Genius and rebel are literally needed out there on someone's stage. Your presence alone holds the power to cause a lot of evolutionary and transformational controversy in the World. You are meant to be the CEO of change which gives you ALOT of power to wield. And because you naturally have all of this power, YOU, out of all of the other houses, have to be very intentional with how you use your power. You also do not get to choose to NOT USE or shrink away from this power either. This is an innate power that comes naturally to you and that others can easily feel when in your presence. Unfortunately, because you are here to shake things up, this means that a lot of people will be uncomfortable being in your presence, but don't you EVER allow this to stop you from being authentically You, at all times. It's not your mission to make others comfortable. Your mission is to be unapologetically you, and make people come up to your level or accept that you are the new reality.

You are the face of the Future. You are our Forefathers & Foremothers of the Future. You are meant to create, lay and enforce new and improved foundations and rules that support ALL of Humanity. I'm getting the vibes of politicians heavy, but it doesn't have to be traditional politics.

You are literally here to break all of those old and outdated rules that were programmed into us by society.

So, start rebelling and speaking out. Don’t allow anyone to put you in a box ever again. If it doesn’t make sense to you then don’t settle for it. These structures have to come down one way or another and you are meant to assist in making that change happen in your own unique way. You will accomplish this by being as different and creative as you feel whenever you’re out in public or on a platform. Your purpose is very unconventional and Unique so, following your Uniqueness is going to be good for you. It’s going to lead you to your own personal promised land.

The World will probably see you as weird too and that’s okay. You are not meant to fit in especially if you want to be successful and see your dreams manifested. You are not meant to drop down to other people's levels and expectations. Again ... you are meant to inspire them to reach higher and come up to your level. This is exactly part of your purpose ... to switch & shake up our perception on the status quo. Your blessings and rewards will be much deserved and earned. Respect and recognition and maybe even fame may come if you decide to pick up this torch. Who knows, there's kind of like a right place and right time, fated type of energy here. Anything is possible with this Jupiter in Aquarius energy. So, Boss Up Babe!

Jupiter transiting your 11th house -

(Aquarius in the 11th house)

You are our enthusiastic, trailblazing rebels and liberators. You have a unique but charming and confident way of being comfortable in your skin that people would be inspired to follow. Never forcing, never asking, just being you. Your enthusiasm for life naturally draws an audience to you and sometimes allies or competition. But you are not to focus on any of those distractions. Your fearlessness and ability to not care about what others think about the moves that you decide to make in life and how offbeat they may seem, is very inspiring.

People may not understand that your enthusiasm comes from you seeing what future success looks like. You can see the finish line. You've been given the visions and you're just trying to do what it takes to get there. If anyone else with a common goal in mind would like to join in with you, then fine, you can gladly welcome them in and hopefully they'll be able to keep up. (Teamwork makes the dreamwork) But if there are people flocking around just to be nosey, take notice, they must be left behind. They are to step to the side and allow you to continue your mission. Do not allow others to distract you from your goals. Your mission is extremely important. Keep focused.

Choosing to stand out from the crowd and follow your own intuitive hunches is where you will always find good luck & blessings which can come in the form of genuinely supportive people who won't want to leach off of you but come to help you build. Walk to the beat of your own drum and do your best to not allow yourself, your essence and your goals to get lost and watered down when you are amongst other people. You are meant to not only walk your own path but create a new path for humanity and the collective.

You may even currently have new ideas to introduce humanity around a new way of being, coexisting and working together towards a common goal. If so, we need you to please share it. Show us how we can work together without sacrificing so much of our own wants and desires. You have the master plan inside of you.

Be yourself at all times. Be brave enough to stand alone and take risks. Walk your own path. Keep your mind your own business and others will surely be inspired to follow. And only Rock with those who rock with you and are on your level. Don’t even get upset if others don’t want to accept you in their groups. Those are hidden blessings for you because you are meant to create your own communities, groups and lanes so that others who are more like you can join in with YOU.

Lol "Can you keep up" by Destiny's Child is popping up in my mind. Feel free to you use it for inspiration.

Jupiter transiting your 12th house -

(Aquarius in the 12th house)

You my Love have a very unique connection to Spirit as well as the Spiritual realms. This placement shows our most powerful and innovative healers, psychics, mediums and channelers. You just intuitively know things and feel things on a very deep level. You often may not feel like you belong in this World and I'm here to tell you that your feelings are valid. That's because you don’t belong to this world and most of the time you're not just existing in this world or physical realm. You spend most of your time in the past and future gathering information to bring back to the World to help facilitate healing. Maybe even gathering new spiritual philosophies.

You are a shadow worker, the same as those with Aquarius in their 8th house. Your genius is hidden from the outside world. You do your work behind the scenes. It cannot be seen but only felt. You have the power to shift and balance energy. The things that you channel through your connection with Spirit and your healing capabilities are revolutionary and are meant to help heal Humanity in some way. You are constantly being shown and given innovative healing abilities

So, please don’t worry about people misunderstanding you. There is absolutely no way for them to understand what you experience on a spiritual or energetic level. Your spiritual genius is meant to be hidden from others on purpose. That’s how powerful it is. Your genius is being used in other realms. It's almost as if you are also pulling in information from the physical realms to report back to the Spiritual Realm so that they can help assist Humanity in evolution and healing.

Don't shy away from this connection. Pull what you can from it and allow spirit to use you as the vessel that you are. You will naturally be guided as to what to do with all that you are receiving from Spirit. Spend lots of time resting and in meditation. Pay attention to your dreams. There may be prophetic messages that come through them to be shared. You are meant to use what's being channeled through you to be of service to the World. Your job is to figure out what you are meant to do with all that you are accessing and pulling in.

You also may have genius ideas on new ways of incorporating Spirituality into our lives, coming through your dreams. New inventions as well. Pay attention and if so ... please share. You are also our Spiritual messengers.

So please create a platform to share what you know. In this day and age, you don't have to be worried about being ridiculed and ostracized. People are much more open to hidden or occult knowledge. Creating a platform for yourself would be the best way so that you don’t have to worry about being judged in your own home. It will become a safe space for you to be and express yourself freely. This will also allow those who resonate with you to find you and love on you and those who don’t, to go on about their own business.

By choosing to push past your fears and put yourself, your spiritual ideas and visions out there and keep your integrity in the process, you will be celebrated, protected and provided for in every way by Spirit. Why wouldn't you be when you're working for Source?


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