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The Benefits of Green Adventurine

Green Adventurine is connected to the Heart Chakra.

Its associated with the Astrological Sign Aries

It has the numerical vibration of the number 3

The Green Adventurine is known as " The Stone of Personal Growth".

It's a great stone to use when working through unresolved emotional issues, which is why it is chosen as a heart chakra stone. The color of the heart chakra is also green therefore any stone that you may come across that is green may just very well be associated with the Heart Chakra as well. This stone has a very soothing energy and protects the heart. It will also help you to learn about yourself and your place in the Universe.

Green Adventurine is also known as a " Good Luck Stone " used to attract abundance and prosperity.

Use this stone to help heal ailments such as eye disorders, heart ailments, anxiety, lung, liver and sinus issues.


I am a part of The Tree of Life

I welcome spiritual, financial and emotional growth with optimism and joy.

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